Election, Primary & Caucus Dates:
Primary: August 6, 2019
Runoff: August 27, 2019
General: November 5, 2019

Democratic Candidates for Mississippi Governor

Michael Brown

About Michael Brown:

  • Pastor at Raining Manna Christian Center
  • Studied at Atlanta Christian College

William Bond Compton

About William Bond Compton

  • Meridian Resident
  • Teacher
  • Councilman

Jim Hood

About Jim Hood:

  • Now serving his fourth term in office as Mississippi’s Attorney General
  • In 1988, Hood received his J.D. degree from the University of Mississippi at Oxford
  • Prosecuted former Klansman Edgar Ray Killen for orchestrating the 1964 murders of Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner, and James Chaney in Philadelphia, Mississippi during Freedom Summer
  • As a prosecutor, Hood has tried more than 100 jury cases while serving as an Assistant Attorney General and as a District Attorney (D.A.)
  • In 2017, Hood filed lawsuits against a number of pharmaceutical companies. In the lawsuits, Hood alleged that the companies were engaging in an unlawful scheme to force the state to pay for drugs that were not eligible for Medicaid reimbursement. Overall, Hood filed six separate lawsuits against the 18 defendant companies
  • After Hurricane Katrina ravaged Mississippi, bringing with it unscrupulous opportunists who victimized citizens, Attorney General Hood worked to strengthen laws to protect consumers, while ceaselessly prosecuting offenders for home repair fraud, price gouging, identity theft and financial scams
  • Founded the nation’s leading Cyber Crime Unit and Fusion Center. Based in the Attorney General’s office, the Cyber Crime Fusion Center is the hub from which state, federal and local agencies investigate and prosecute internet predators who target children and vulnerable adults
  • Worked to provide relief to coastal residents and business owners after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Jim Hood’s Platform:

  • To Grow Our Economy:
    • Stop the Legislature from running up our debt
    • Create high-paying jobs
    • Put money in Mississippian’s hands, not out-of-state corporations
    • Support our main street merchants
    • Put working people back to work by building highways and bridges
    • Support workforce development programs
  • To Improve Education:
    • Advocate for a statewide, universal pre-kindergarten program
    • Focus on making community colleges and universities more affordable
    • Improve our public-school system
  • To Make Health Care Affordable and Accessible:
    • Work to make health care affordable for everyone
    • Fight for those who can’t fight for themselves
    • Support law enforcement in the fight against the opioid epidemic
    • Accept federal dollars to help our struggling rural hospitals
    • Focus on improving rural access to health care

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Robert Ray

About Robert Ray:

  • Professional certified substance abuse counselor and trainer
  • Currently works at a private prison for dual diagnosis inmates as a Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Author of “The Black and White Rationale, Why these Two Races Behave the Way They Do and the Solution to the Race Problems in America.”

Robert Ray’s Platform:

  • Prison Reform: While using the Profession Development Process at East Mississippi Correctional Facility (EMCF) – achieved a 91% success rate which means that of the 100 inmates who went through the process, 91 had not returned to prison after 3-5 years saving the state of Mississippi $10,800,000
  • Healthcare: Open centers to teach MS citizens to practice prevention when it comes to their health
  • Jobs: Professional Development Process to assist and counsel people in need of jobs
  • Infrastructure: The Professional Development Process can be implemented into the prisons of MS and process non-violent inmates into orderly productive citizen who will not return to prison upon release, this will free up millions of dollars for infrastructure repairs

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“Big Dave” Singletary (I)

About David Singletary:

  • Real Estate Developer
  • United States Air Force Veteran
  • Veteran: Staff Sergeant, Air National Guard, 172nd squadron, Flowood, MS
  • Graduate Millsaps College, Jackson, MS. 1985, B.B.A., Graduate M.B.A. Southern Mississippi, Gulf Park campus, Long Beach, MS. 1989
  • Owned and operated The Breakers Inn in Biloxi, MS and the High Country Lodge in New Mexico
  • Developed additional commercial and industrial real estate in Mississippi

David Singletary’s Platform:

  • Grow and Invest in our Economy:
    • Mississippi is watching other states experience unprecedented economic growth for taking advantage of the same choices we’ve been refusing to make
    • Legalizing and taxing marijuana will create thousands of jobs in a multi-million industry and generate revenues that could be used to fix crumbling schools and roads
  • Eliminate “Brain Drain”:
    • It’s time our children stopped leaving after college to get jobs in Dallas and Atlanta
    • Creating growth will require leading the southeast in promoting 21st century industries
  • Healing People
    • Thousands of Mississippians suffer: everything from the aches and pains of age to deadly diseases like cancer and HIV
    • Medical Marijuana is a proven, highly effective treatment for all these people, and will even go further by beginning to reverse our opioid addiction epidemic
  • Healing Government:
    • Exonerate nonviolent marijuana crimes
    • Ensure the “little guy” is treated fairly in every piece of legislation
    • Commission the design of a new flag that will better symbolize our prosperous future instead of the recent history of failed leadership
  • Fight for Veterans:
    • Ensure veterans are warmly welcomed and given every opportunity to heal and advance in civil society when they return
  • Term Limits:
    • The same officials that got us in this mess have been in power for far too long
    • Term limits is a proven tool for preventing corruption
  • Fight for the Little Guy:
    • Too often our state’s policies benefit the powerful few to the detriment of the great body of the people
    • Marijuana legalization will be first priority in generating jobs and ensuring tax revenues are spent helping the Mississippians who have been mistreated so long

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Robert Shuler Smith

About Robert Shuler Smith:

  • Hinds County District Attorney
  • Attended Saint Louis University School of Law graduating in 1996 with a Juris Doctor degree and was admitted to the Mississippi State Bar
  • Member of numerous professional and community organizations including the Mississippi Bar Association, Magnolia Bar Association, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and Central Mississippi Health Services, INC

Robert Shuler Smith’s Platform:

  • Healthcare:
    • Will form committees to gather an expert opinion on what would work best for Mississippians on healthcare
    • Would like to see some changes made to the ACA when it comes to opting out
  • Economic Reform:
    • Believes a $15.00 minimum wage increase might be cost prohibitive, he does think an increase for hardworking individuals is realistic
    • Supports the legalization of marijuana because it is a cash crop
  • Abortion:
    • Would have most likely been in support of the heartbeat bill had he been a lawmaker this year

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Velesha Williams

About Velesha Williams:

  • Retired as the Director of Metro Jackson Community Prevention Coalition
  • While at JSU, served as a Principal Investigator (PI) for several federal and state programs, generating over 10 million dollars in grant funding for the University
  • Alumnus of Jackson State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in 1983 and a Master of Art degree in Criminology and Justice Services in 1996
  • Served in the United States Army as a commissioned officer, served as a Company Commander at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Aberdeen Maryland and the Acting Inspector General at Red River Army Depot, Texarkana, Texas

Velesha Williams’ Platform:

  • Healthcare for All:
    • The availability of preventive care is a cost-effective method that will not be compromised
    • No one’s healthcare will be denied or dropped because of preexisting issues
    • The cost of healthcare will not be a deterrent to quality care
  • Quality Education:
    • Ensure our schools are adequately preparing our young people for a global and technologically advanced society
  • Economic Stability:
    • Ensure working Mississippians have ample opportunities to earn a livable wage
    • Attract businesses, corporations, and industries that are good for Mississippians and our environment
    • Social security will be protected; and retired state employees will maintain their cost of living pay
  • Restore our Failing Infrastructure:
    • Restore bridges, highways, and tributaries to meet safety standards
    • Implement state of the art technology as it relates to communication and transportation
  • Criminal Justice Reform:
    • Correct disparities within in our laws and courts (sentencing guidelines and bail)
    • Ensure that our law enforcement officers are well trained, equipped, and paid to effectively serve and protect our communities
    • Establish and maintain a culture of rehabilitation among our correctional  facilities
  • Environmental Protection:
    • Protect our natural resources
    • Ensure high quality clean air and a contaminant free ground water system
    • Support and enhance environmental protection laws

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Albert Wilson

Albert Wilson

About Albert Wilson:

  • Jackson resident and business owner
  • Community Organizer
  • Executive director and founder of Genesis and Light Center –
    afterschool services have impacted over 30,000 disadvantaged youth and summer programs reached over 10,000 disadvantaged youth
  • Earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from Jackson State University in 1989
  • Worked for Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory as a computer professional where he built solid leadership and business skills in the area of computers and information technology

Albert Wilson’s Platform:

  • Make Health Care Affordable & Accessible:
    • Expand Medicaid and lower healthcare premiums
    • Leverage state and federal programs to incentivize more doctors and medical personnel to work in underserved areas
    • Fight to Ensure our healthcare system provides robust supports for the elderly and underserved citizens
    • Support public safety, mental health, and treatment officials in our fight against the opioid epidemic
  • Improve Education:
    • Fully fund education
    • Increase teacher pay
    • Build opportunities for youth civic engagement and summer employment with the establishment of the Governor’s Youth Initiative
    • Prioritize STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) afterschool programs that increase school, college or career readiness
    • Make trade schools, community colleges and universities more affordable
    • Invest in affordable-quality child care for all families
  • To Bring A 21st Century Economy To Mississippi:
    • Generate good-paying 21st century jobs in computers, health care, education, the arts, engineering and clean energy
    • Create high paying jobs to keep our most valuable assets, “Our Graduates from Mississippi Colleges and Universities”, working here in Mississippi instead of moving to other states
    • Promote a Mississippi that is open and inclusive to Mississippians of every ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, gender, exceptionalities, language, religion, and sexual orientation
  • To Improve Mississippi Infrastructure:
    • Advocate for raising the federal motor fuel tax to improve Mississippi roads and bridges
    • Maximize funds from our state sponsored lottery to fix Mississippi roads and bridges
    • Support research and development into innovative new materials, technologies, and processes to modernize and extend the life of infrastructure, expedite repairs or replacement, and promote cost effective savings

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Democratic Candidate for Lt. Governor

Jay Hughes

About Jay Hughes:

  • Son of a truck-driving mother and oil-field worker father
  • Earned a Juris Doctorate from University of Mississippi School of Law in 1991
  • Attorney/Developer
  • Member of the Mississippi House of Representatives from the 12th District
  • He served on Judiciary A; Judiciary En Banc; Medicaid; Accountability, Efficiency & Transparency; and Constitution committees
  • The House introduced 1,789 bills, and 376 became law, supported the maintenance of state roads and bridges, and a campaign finance and ethics reform measure

Jay Hughes Platform:

  • Education:
    • Equal, quality public education for all
  • Infrastructure and Healthcare:
    • Believes infrastructure and access to healthcare lift people and attract real jobs
    • Provide the best care we can for people with mental illness and addictions
  • Complete Transparency in Government
    • Everyone should have their voice heard, and have a seat at the table
    • The people and local businesses are far more important to the function of Mississippi government than political parties, foreign corporations, lobbyists and political action committees

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Democratic Candidates for Mississippi  Secretary Of State

Johnny DuPree

About Johnny DuPree:

  • Graduate of Jones Junior College, the University of Southern Mississippi and Jackson State University where he received his Doctorate in urban studies
  • Ex-Hattiesburg Mayor, Real Estate Broker – served as the mayor of Hattiesburg, Mississippi from 2001 to 2017
  • 1987 appointed to the Hattiesburg Public School Board
  • Owns a consulting firm and a trucking company
  • Served on a number of national and local boards, including the National League of Cities, the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the Mississippi Association of Supervisors, the Mississippi Municipal League, the Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Justice Committee, Local Government Advisory Committee and the Small Community Advisory

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Maryra Hodges Hunt

About Maryra Hodges Hunt:

  • Cruger resident, self-described homemaker
  • Bachelor of Science from University of Phoenix in Medical-Healthcare Administration

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Democratic Candidate for Mississippi Attorney General

Jennifer Riley-Collins

About Jennifer Riley-Collins:

  • Executive director at ACLU of Mississippi
  • Retired from the United States Army in June 2017 as a Colonel after 32 years of  distinguished service as a Military Intelligence Officer
  • She served a total of 14 years on active duty and 18 years as a member of the U. S National Guard and U. S. Army Reserves
  • Graduate of Alcorn State University (Magna Cum Laude) and University of Central Texas

Jennifer Riley-Collins’ Platform:

  • Safeguarding Civil Rights
  • Fighting for working people
  • Protecting consumers from fraud, scams and bad practices
  • Supporting victims of crime
  • Combating the opioid crisis and addiction
  • Increased access to healthcare, especially for veterans, women and children

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Democratic Candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture

Rickey Cole

About Rickey Cole:

  • Manages his family’s 160-acre farm in Ovett, MS
  • Previous Executive Director of the Mississippi Democratic Party
  • Chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party from 2001 to 2004 and 2012-2016
  • Founding President of Mississippi Policy Forum, non-profit organization that assisted with civic engagement opportunities for the public
  • Attended Mississippi State University and studied Political Science
  • Served as founding President of Mississippi Policy Forum, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit institute that conducts public forums, sponsors research projects, and assists in the development of educational, community and grassroots civic organizations to improve civic literacy and encourage civic engagement in Mississippi

Rickey Cole’s Platform:

  • We import 90% of what we eat in Mississippi from outside the state. $6.5 Billion dollars of hard-earned Mississippian’s money goes out of the state—much of it out of the country—to pay for food produced somewhere else.  We need those dollars turning over in our own communities, and it starts with the simple act of neighbors supporting neighbors
  • Develop local and regional food systems throughout Mississippi to keep those food dollars here at home
  • Get government red tape out of the way and let growers control what they grow, how they grow it, and how they sell it. State government should regulate less and advocate much more for Mississippi-produced food
  • Educate the public about the tremendous health and wellness benefits of eating fresh, locally grown food. Food is medicine, and local food systems conserve our natural resources and keep our environment clean

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Democratic Candidate for Treasurer

Addie Lee Green

About Addie Lee Green:

  • Raised on a farm and the daughter of a sharecropper
  • Grew up in Raymond, attending Southern Labor School and the JPS Career and Development Center
  • Volunteered with the Child Development Group of Mississippi in the 1960s as a teenager, worked with the Head Start program during the Civil Rights Movement
  • Studied social work at Jackson State University
  • Worked at General Motors in Clinton and with the AFL-CIO to help organize the local Packard Electric union
  • Previously served as the city’s election commissioner and as an alderwoman

Democratic Candidate for Insurance Commissioner

Robert Amos 

About Robert Amos:

  • Masters in Education – Jackson State University, Belhaven University – Masters in Public Administration · Jackson, Mississippi
  • Worked as a school-attendance officer, a student-finance officer and as an adjunct professor at Jackson State University

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Democratic Candidates for Public Service Commissioner in the Southern District

Connie Moran

About Connie Moran:

  • Moran is the former three-term mayor of Ocean Springs
  • Served as president of Moran Consultants, a firm providing marketing and development service
  • Graduated from Georgetown University with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in finance/economics and international commerce
  • Conducted graduate research at the Institute of World Economics in Germany as a Fulbright Scholar
  • Economist at the World Trade Organization in Geneva
  • As Mayor of Ocean Springs, during post Hurricane Katrina rebuilding, Moran drew on her background as an economic development expert to develop a plan to rebuild the city, structurally and economically, while trying to retain the city’s historical value and contain urban sprawl while still advocating for growth
  • Active in civic and charitable organizations, and has served as a board director for Jackson County United Way, YMCA, and Boys and Girls Clubs. She is a member of Rotary International, the Gulf Coast Business Council, and served on the National Board of Directors for the Congress on New Urbanism

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Sugar Stallings

About Sugar Stallings:

  • Previously ran for mayor of Biloxi
  • Community activist and organizer
  • Law degree from the University of Maryland
  • Worked with mayors, governors, political organizations, lobbying on Capitol Hill and working at the White House on the Health Care bill

Democratic Candidate for State House of Representatives

District 114

Tony Lawrence – Independent